Sunday, December 04, 2005

Two faced hypocrisy of the most naked kind

Gerry Adams has declared against plans to grant an amnesty to British soldiers and security agents on the fugitive bill. He states that this "will cause deep hurt to victims of their alleged crimes". Has he forgotten that the legislation also grants an amnesty to terrorists on the run? Where is his concern about the hurt that this bill is causing to their victims? Instead he welcomes the amnesty for IRA members.

Members of the armed and security forces operate in difficult circumstances and have no choice but to do what they do for the protection of the people and country. Sometimes the consequences are devastating to individuals and families, but to suggest that somehow the work they do is worse than those of terrorist scum is atrocious. The double standards of condemning an amnest for the security forces whilst supporting one for UDA, IRA and UVF terrorists shows Adams to be a pure two faced hypocrite.

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