Friday, December 09, 2005

And now it's over

There's an interesting final post on the toryleadership blog about "How Cameron Won... And Davis Lost", putting the events of the last seven months in a new light.

At the time Howard's staggered resignation was greeted with astonishment, with many commentators and party members believing that he had made a great mistake, giving the party a seemingly eternal period with no full authoritive leadership and endless campaigning for the leadership. Many were angry with a sudden resignation announcement. Yet now we know it was a tactical move, designed to forestall an instant leadership election, instead allowing the party a time to reflect and really think through what it needs in a leader. And it has worked. There was no kneejerk charge for the candidate who seemed to fit the immediate mood or a dive to block any individual. Instead we've had a good contest that has allowed all the candidates to demonstrate their true potential and really shine. This time I think the party's done it right.

And so now to the future...

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