Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How can anyone oppose this?

A call has been made for free condoms to be made available in prisons, to help curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Like the provision of contraceptive to minors or the providing of clean needles, this is an admission that illegal activity takes place. But as a means to prevent the spread of infections and improve health this should be supported by all.

So I find it particularly disgusting that a spokesperson for the so-called "Conservative Way Forward" stated:

Most people who've been victims of crime don't expect prisoners to be going into jail and having sex and getting involved in relationships.

I think it's entirely unacceptable and the encouragement of it is pretty wrong in the eyes of most right-thinking individuals.
Conservative Way Backwards, as it is perhaps more accurately described, was set up behind the idea that Thatcherism is a solution right for all time. Today Thatcherism is the ideology of the past and it is telling that no serious contender for the Conservative leadership has sought the kiss of death endorsement from Thatcher herself. CWF often pushes a "George W. Bush Republican" line that frankly has no place in UK politics. Comments such as these show how it is blinded by ideology - the very opposite of what conservatism is about.

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Tory Convert said...

Tim, you're right, this is time-warp stuff, up there with Section 28. As if putting people in prison is going to magically make their sex drive disappear.


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