Sunday, October 23, 2005

Time to end the taboo

Over on Xenon's blog there's the following post:

I was out the other night at a friends 'coming out' party.... Yup, you've guessed it he then 'came out' as a Tory. Well the gasp that went round the room followed by the tittering was unbelievable. I just find it so amusing that nowadays we can accept people of all sexualities and yet God help them if they are a Conservative...

Sadly this is still all too common. Many are reluctant to admit that they are Conservative inclined, as most obviously shown by the way opinion polls and exit polls are distorted by this effect. The title of Jo-Anne Nadler's book Too Nice to be a Tory: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To says it all.

The result is that it is all too easy to stereotype Conservative Party members on the basis of a few. Many natural conservatives do not want to come near the party. This must change. More and more members should be willing to stand up and be proud. Only that way can we end this taboo.

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