Thursday, October 20, 2005

New desperation!

I've just seen this post on David Davis's blog:

Stuff and Nonsense

We've just put this out to the Press Association in response to rumours being fed to the press by our opponents.

"David Davis is fighting for every vote. He is confident of going through to the next round and intends to take the contest to the party membership and win."

This story is complete nonsense. Spread the word.

posted by Campaign Team @ 5:42 PM

What serious campaign team resorts to such blunt denials of heavy rumours and concessions of perceived weaknesses?

Where did David Davis find these people?!?!

Is anyone else reminded of the seven word press release issued by Margaret Thatcher through Bernard Ingham in 1990 at this stage?

I fight on. I fight to win.

And very shortly afterwards it was all over.

If there is an all member ballot I hope Davis will face off against Cameron. But I seriously doubt that even a mass tactical vote by the Cameron team could save him now!

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