Saturday, October 22, 2005

The man who most wants Davis to win

Increasingly people are talking about just how difficult Gordon Brown would find it to overcome David Cameron. This is a fast turnaround from a few weeks ago when everyone was asking if there was any Conservative available to take on Brown!

Brown is older than Blair and by the time the latter steps down Brown will have been running the economy for a decade, just as it enters the trouble most economists are forecasting. If Cameron wins then he would be facing a significantly younger man, offering the country "A Fresh Start". Brown would look tired, worn out and unable to shift blame for the country's economic problems.

Past elections suggests that the only way for a government to win re-election in economic crisis is to have an unelectable Leader of the Opposition. A few months ago many in the Labour Party believed that so long as Brown replaces Blair by the next election all will be fine. Now the tide is turning. Faced with Cameron, Labour may want a young fresh face as well.

Do not be surprised when the Davis campaign receives a letter of support and advice written on Treasury notepaper...


xenon said...

Where exactly are they going to get this young fresh face? The younger Cabinet ministers are decidedly second rate.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Maybe there's some hidden talent. But at the moment it's very effectively hidden.

The only ones I can spot who are close to Cameron's age are David Miliband and Ruth Kelly. Is there anyone I've missed?

It says a lot about the Labour Party that come their leadership election it looks like they will be searching high and low to get even three half-decent candidates!


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