Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How might the Royals vote?

The Queen is doing her bit today and opening Parliament. One sometimes wonders what she actually thinks of the speech she's given to recite but her views are often a guarded secret.

But what if the Royals went out and voted? That's not as strange as it sounds - people have reported seeing a lot of Royals (although not the Queen herself) on the electoral register. So if they were voting, here's a few guesses:
  • Prince Philip: Well with his well known gaffes he'd have to be "Public Safety Democratic Monarchist White Resident" (remember Bill Boaks)
  • Prince Charles: Could it be anything other than Green?
  • Princess Anne: She's a bit of a traditionalist so Conservative
  • Prince Andrew: He seems a bit wishy washy so Liberal Democrat
  • Prince Edward: What else but Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • Prince Michael of Kent: Given his interests and appearance, maybe Russian monarchists (if they have such a party)
  • Fergie: Labour - she clearly likes running up huge debts and shamelessly trying to raise funds
I have no idea about the other Royals, although it's a little-known fact that Princess Alexandra was once nominated (without her consent) for an Aldermanic election in Richmond in 1975. She was the nominee of a left-wing Labour councillor - I never had her down as a Bennite. But her brief candidacy was outdone by a nomination for Charlie Chaplain!

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