Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stuart Wheeler must be expelled

One of the basic rules of a political party is that members do not incite voters to vote against the party's official candidates. It is a clear cut rule that is held by nearly all significant parties and one that has been enforced irrespective of the identity of the individuals involved.

The news that Conservative Party donor Stuart Wheeler has given £100,000 to the UK Independence Party (BBC News: Tory donor gives £100,000 to UKIP) is a clear cut breach of these rules. There can be no two ways about it - UKIP is a rival party. Wheeler cannot remain a member of the Conservatives whilst endorsing a rival.

Back in 1999 the party did not hesitate to expel members, even some once-medium sized names, who had endorsed the "Pro-Euro Conservative Party" when it stood against the Conservatives. The same principle must apply to Wheeler. There can be no double standards on the basis of which way a lot of people in the grassroots feel about the issue of EU membership.

Hattip to ConservativeHome Tory Diary: Eric Pickles must expel Stuart Wheeler.


the man in the oporto said...

UKIP is a lot more than a rival party.

Did you ever meet a UKIP activist - contrary to popular opinion they are not a single-issue party but a two-issue party: a) Get out of Europe and all that jazz, and b) DESTROY THE EVIL TORIES WHO'VE SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER.

With some swivel-eyedness they really believe they are the keepers of the torch whereas we are the party of Heath, and Mrs T and her Single European Act, and that one day they will supplant us as the centre-right party.

Why tolerate a cuckoo in the nest who funds that?

taylor said...

Irrespective of the consequences to his own position within the Conservative party following his recent statement concerning forthcoming EU elections in June, Stuart Wheeler was correct to alert us all to the grave issues facing this nation. We should consider our Constitution. Frequently it is claimed that England has no written constitution. To suggest we have no written constitution is a fallacy. We have an ancient and splendid Constitution much of which is written and it defines the limits of Parliament's powers. Key documents include Magna Carta 1215, the Petition of Rights 1628, the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9, the Coronation Oath Act 1689, the Act of Settlement 1701 and the Treaties and Acts of Union of 1706/7. All of these documents place a legal duty upon those who govern.No Parliament can ever legitimately circumvent the constitution. The contract of our Constitution utterly forbids any encroachments upon its provisions. Thus our Constitution lays down the fundamental duty for all in authority to follow. The Constitution was never intended nor does it in any way permit the divine right of kings to metamorphose into the divine right of our politicians. The freedom of self-determination under our own law is our guaranteed birthright. It is not something for mere transitory politicians or for that matter any one generation to give away even by referendum. The rule of law itself is guaranteed to us by contract in perpetuity. It is bound by the law to be the only means by which we may be governed.The misconception that Parliament rightfully enjoys unfettered power now threatens entirely to undermine our Constitution and the rule of law itself. The EU treaties and constitutional proposals are eroding to the point of destruction our constitutional principles. History shows unequivocally that we tolerate this erosion at our peril. By what authority may our politicians or their parties consider that they are empowered to destroy all this? No such authority can or may legitimately exist under the British Constitution, which has provided security and stability to the people of the UK since 1689.
Best we should all remember and consider where we are going. In this aspect I support Stuart Wheeler's concerns for our future's.


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