Monday, February 02, 2009

What's wrong with offering a prayer?

It is rare that I think the phrase "political correctness gone mad" has any useful value. But this story: Daily Mail: Persecuted for praying: Nurse who faces the sack after offering to pray for sick patient has made me wonder.

She offered to pray for one of her patients who politely declined. Nobody who was there was offended and yet some self-righteous person has initiated a formal complaint that has resulted in the nurse facing the sack for caring for people.

What kind of society are we living in today where such things can happen?


Bill said...

This incident was reported somewhat differently in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph; it stated that whilst at the time she had declined, she had later complained to the Trust herself.

I wouldn't want this nurse to be sacked either, or even punished beyond receiving a reprimand, but I'm afraid I would object very strongly to someone mentioning religion, or praying for me, whilst treating me, just as I'm afraid I object strongly to nursing personnel addressing their patients routinely by their forenames, without asking if this is acceptable, often when the paitent is a very elderly person for whom such familiarity is anathema, even if they are too polite to complain (and because they don't wish to jeopardise their treatment in our 'touchie-feelie' NHS). I know my own mother falls precisely into this category, not wishing to kick up a fuss, but not liking it either; my mother was a nurse herself for many years in her younger years, incidentally.

I'm sure Nurse Petrie is excellent at her job. She should stick to that and not intrude her personal obsessions onto others.

Queequeg said...

Getting the sack seems very harsh, some sort of reprimand seems more appropriate, but she should stick to her job and keep her superstitions to herself.

Gavin Ayling said...

I'm glad you said that Bill -- I was going to mention trusting the Daily Malice.


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