Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The upside down flag - a mistake or a subtle message?

Yesterday at the signing of a trade agreement with China the Union Jack (let's end this nonsense that that name is inaccurate) was displayed upside down. (BBC News: Flag mistake at UK-China ceremony) The government has since stated this was a mistake.

Now okay the flag is relatively easy to get the wrong way round but it's not as if the government doesn't use the flag regularly. And the agreement was signed by Peter Mandelson - a man notorious for both control freakery and sending out the right message. He is not someone one associates with casual errors of presentation.

So was this really a error or was the flag in fact being deliberately "flown" upside down as used in an old distress signal?

1 comment:

Gavin Ayling said...

You mean the Union flag? ;-)

Hey, the most serious thing about that flag is that it is normally misused to mean "England".


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