Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stephen Harper survives

Bad news for John Key. If he wants to win the next ConservativeHome contest for favourite centre-right elected leader in the world today, he will now have to actually fight for it instead of having a one-horse race.

For in Canada the Conservative government of Stephen Harper has survived, after the announcement that the Liberal Party would support it on the budget as amended, instead of trying to bring it down and install an unelected axis of weasel coalition. (Globe and Mail: Tories put on probation; coalition breaks up, Calgary Herald: Tories support Grit budget amendment & Reuters: Canadian government survives budget crisis) This says it all:
"The coalition is dead, it's finished, it's over," said Gilles Duceppe, leader of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, one of the parties that had signed the agreement.
And so ends one of the most extraordinary incidents not just in Canadian history (although it's amazing to find Canadians, normally such a well-adjusted relaxed people, getting angry over something other than an ice-hockey match) but in the entire Westminster System. Around the world many constitutional scholars both professional and amateur having been watching the events closely for what they reveal about how much the system can take in practice. But in the final analysis they show that democracy has triumphed over backroom deals.


The man in the Oporto said...

Now just why would Sarkozy not walk it, Harper or no Harper?

Quoth John Key: "It's a two horse race - only Sarko or Merkel can win in ContinuityIDS..."

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Sarkozy hasn't exactly been winning favourable responses on ConservativeHome lately and Merkel's tied up in an awkward coalition. And besides given the nature of those voting any Commonwealth leader will have an automatic advantage over any European leader.


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