Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Prince Harry has Royal Blood after all

So Prince Harry used a non-PC remark to someone who wasn't offended and didn't complain. And this is apparently the biggest news story going. Why does our media drop everything at the hint of a Royal story?

But I hope at least this incident puts to bed all the speculation about Prince Harry's paternity. What more proof is needed that he's descended from Prince Philip?!

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Juan said...

Are you kidding Tim? How many of your friends are Pakis? Is is an offensive word, I am offended!

Just because the guy in question did not complain and said he was not offended does not mean it is OK to call him a paki.

Prince Harry should know better, he should have been taught better, this incident illustrates how detached the royals are, to think that is does not matter to use words like that... I would never say such a thing, I would never want to, why is is so hard for a British Prince to refrain from such words?


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