Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Against the occupation of Queen Mary, University of London

I have just heard the news that a group of protesters have occupied Room FB113 at Queen Mary, University of London. The story hasn't yet made the online media but the protesters have set up a blog at Queen Mary Occupation: Free Palestine. Prosecute Israeli War Crimes. Yes that is what they're aiming for.

Whatever the wider issues, does anyone seriously believe that this is going to have the slightest impact on events in the Middle East? Didn't the days of students believing they could change the universe by occupying lecture rooms go out with the 1960s?

Normally I wouldn't give such silliness any oxygen of publicity, but as it is taking place at my own college I want to put on record that it is not being done in the name of all students here.

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Queen Mary Occupation said...

We have noticed that you have created an opposition to our occupation. We would like to invite you to an open debate regarding the issue, taking place on this Friday, (the 30th) at 1.00 pm in room FB1.13.
We hope you can attend,
The Occupation Group


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