Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From Leaving Soon to Coming Back?!

I've just seen the scary news that Ken Livingstone is contemplating another run for the London Mayoralty in 2012. (New Statesman: Ken to run in 2012) One has to wonder who he's fooling - the murk surrounding his personal office and associates has if anything increased since he left office and more damaging revelations could come soon. The voting public indicated they were tired of him last month and the Labour Party will want a new candidate rather than running Yesterday's Man. An independent bid wouldn't have the fire or issue that it did in 2000.

So why is Livingstone still hopeful? Well my best guess is this. One of the worst kept secrets in British politics is that Livingstone's office was dominated by a group called Socialist Action. (Those who've been involved in student politics may have encountered one of their front groups, the Student Broad Left.) When Ken Livingstone lost his job so did many Socialist Action members and the organisation will be seeking a new source of funds. Is the talk of a Livingstone comeback motivated by a desire to try to get the old supply back?

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