Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Harriet Harman's rubbish memory

I'm just watching Prime Minister's Questions and Harriet Harman has attacked the Conservatives for having questions asked by the Senior Member of the Shadow Cabinet not the Shadow Leader of the House.

If Harriet Harman cares to remember when Labour were last in opposition (perhaps not given how pilloried she was by her own side), she will recall that when Tony Blair didn't do Prime Minister's Questions, it wasn't Ann Taylor but John Prescott who stood in for him. Was Harriet Harman complaining then? Or is she so incompetent she thinks the world began in May 1997?

Bring back John Prescott!

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John M Ward said...

As this was Prime Minister's Questions, not Leader of the House of Commons' Questions, it was correct for William Hague to be Harman's inquisitor from the Main Opposition Party.

Harman was working from a script, which served her well in the early stages of PMQs, but soon 'lost it' when the going got tougher and it was necessary to do some real work for herself.

Hague was very gentle on Harman -- though I am sure that was at least in part to avoid the charge of bullying that would otherwise have been levelled at him. Shrewd as always, Hague performed correctly and appropriately for that particular occasion.


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