Saturday, March 01, 2008

More classic Spitting Image

Here are a few more classic Spitting Image sketches courtesy of YouTube. First we have another with the two Davids:

However it wasn't all joy for the Alliance or its one leader who found himself in a phone box party:

And finally his reputation for changing parties reached the ultimate extent:

One has to wonder what David Owen would do if he were in active politics today. But it's not too late - he could team up with Robert Kilroy-Silk, Robert McCartney and George Galloway to form the first ever 4 in 1 Micro Party! That's right, no end of fractionalism, breakaways and one man ego trips, all from one single (*) grouping! Vote for it now! Because no-one else will!

(* Single at the point of formation. We cannot gurantee continued adherence.)


The (bored) man in the Oporto said...

A bit late for this, but I updated the two Davids sketch that you didn't put up (as it isn't on YouTube any more), the one where they discuss merger. Of course Spitting Image got it horribly wrong, it was the other way roudn, thus:

Owen: “Mmm, but what if we lose the election, David?”

Steel: “Ooh, well, we’ll merge, David”

Owen: “But what will we call the new party, David?”

Steel: “Well, we'll take one word from your party and one word from
my party.”

Owen: “Which words?”

Steel: “From mine, Liberal - and from yours, Party.”

Owen: “So we'll be called the Liberal Party?”

Steel: “Ooh, has a ring to it, don't you think, David?”

Owen: “Mmmm. But what about the literature the activists deliver?”

Steel: “Again, one word from your party and one word from mine.”

Owen: “I see, which words?”

Steel: “From mine, I'd thought we'd take the word, Focus.”

Owen: “And from mine, David?”

Steel: “What about leaflet?”

Owen: “Aaah. But what about our rosettes, because of course we have different colours.”

Steel: “Well yet again, one word from your party and one from mine. From mine, yellow...”

Owen: “...and from mine, rosette?”

Steel: “You’ve got it in one, David.”

Owen: “Mmmm, I see. Well, this is all a frippery. What about policies, David, that’s what really matters.”

Steel: “Well, David, from my party I thought we’d take the unilateral disarmament, the unthought-out Hampstead hand-wringing pacifism, the statism, the saying one thing to one set of voters and another to another, the being bien-pensant socialists in urban areas and being plus Thatcheriste que la reine elsewhere, the pro-Europeanism as a national policy but the Europhobia in those Devon and Cornwall marginals, the cynical opportunism, the pavement politics, the inability to see the issues beyond their application in little marginal council wards, the smugness, the self-righteousness, the beards and sandals, the pretend soixante-huitard posturing, and the pathetic appeals to Mill even if he is outdated for the 20th Century and has been appropriated by Mrs Thatcher, and far far detached from Liberal Party thinking. And I thought we'd bring Chris Rennard along too.”

Owen: “And from my party, David?”

Steel: “Well, sod all actually, David. I mean, the idea was always to gobble your party up and just add your voter base to ours, without changing a single bit of our leftish ‘radical’ drivel, even from 1981. Jenkins, Williams and Rodgers fell for it. It’ll all be in your memoirs one day.”

[They turn over to rest uneasy]

Steel: “Have you split the water bottle, David?”

Owen: “No, just the party, David.”

Steel: “Ooooooh....”

Tim Roll-Pickering said...


And with the Young Lib Dems to become a lie as "Liberal Youth", it's so true!

The man in the Oporto said...

And if you liked that slagging off of the Libs, there'll be more tomorrow. I understand we're out at Limehouse then if you get in touch with Phil. Very apposite given the Declaration and all. I am assured there will be leaflets tomorrow night.


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