Thursday, March 06, 2008

Has the media ever liked any archbishop?

Anyone who thinks Rowan Williams's recent controversies raise questions about the Archbishop's ability to perform in the media age might like to consider that his predecessors also came in for a bit of criticism. Here are Robert Runcie and George Carey being lampooned in a Spitting Image sketch from YouTube:

And Rowan Williams hasn't fared much better at the hands of satirists:

Not much has changed has it? Why not focus on his ability to be a spiritual leader rather than on whether or not he can satisfy tabloid journalists or escape satirists?

1 comment:

Wolfie said...

Its nothing personal, its simply that he represents Anglican Christianity which is the real source or their ire.

Its easy to satire but naturally far harder to stand up and be scrutinised for an alternative moral code - because the nihilists have none but a hollow mantra of loathing for their betters.


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