Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Washington DC says No to Clinton

Well that's the "Potomac Primary" over. I visited Washington DC back in 2000 during another Presidential election year but the only political conversation I had was with a Vietnam veteran protesting because his friend was sent to Vietnam in Bill Clinton's place and died. He was pretty scathing about the Clintons and last night's results suggest that this dislike of them is shared by many in the city.

Hillary Clinton is now badly blooded and on the back foot, although if you believe that this well connected Washington insider with stackloads of "super delegates" is an "outside challenger" in this contest then I guess you'd believe Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman. If the super delegates give her the nomination over the popular choice of the primaries, then the party's demands that it be called "Democratic" will become even hollower.

But this seems unlikely. Clinton is now basically ignoring the next round of primaries and focusing all her efforts on a state often included in the South. (BBC News: Defeats push Clinton onto back foot) Hmm sound familiar? But this strategry backfired on Rudy Giuliani failed and it will probably backfire on Clinton as well.

As for Barack Obama, I saw his speech last night but can't see this "great new hope" that so many think he is. Is it just that he's a new name on the scene? Or that he talks about unity across a very divided country? He certainly didn't win me over.


Manfarang said...

"He certainly didn't win me over."
You don't get to vote so who cares!

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

When the US President abdicates as "leader of the free world" then I'll have much less of a reason to care.

And as several friends are voting US citizens then whether or not I've been won over by a candidate will influence me if I have a go at trying to persuade them.

Paul Burgin said...

I do like what he says about healthcare and education!


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