Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vote green go fascist

Which party has these policies:

Forbid the purchase of corner shops by migrants
Stop people from inner cities moving to the countryside to protect traditional lifestyles
Grant British citizenship only to children born here
Boycott food grown by black farmers and subsidise crops grown by whites
Restrict tourism and immigration from outside Europe
Prohibit embryo research
Stop lorry movements on the Lord’s Day
Require State approval for national sports teams to compete overseas
Disconnect Britain from the European electricity grid
Establish a "new order" between nations to resolve the world economic crisis
Not the BNP. They're apparently policies either in the Green Party's Manifesto for a Sustainable Society or voted for at its recent conference in Liverpool. Thanks to CentreRight: Vote Green, Go... Black? by Samuel Coates and Vote green – go blackshirt for this story.

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