Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time for a new Speaker?

It's not looking good for Michael Martin, or should that be "King Herod"? A lot of the media are gunning for him and his spokesperson quit for misleading the media. (BBC News: Pressure grows on Commons Speaker)

But what's amazing is that no MP feels willing to speak out on this matter. The Speaker's powers to decide who can and can't speak in the House of Commons are much feared, and Michael Martin is known to be pretty vindictive. It seems the best anyone can hope for is for either Martin's re-election at the start of the next Parliament to be challenged or for his constituents to vote him out at the next general election.

So does anyone fancy running in Glasgow North East at the next general election? With both main parties and the Liberal Democrats (although not the SNP) committed to giving the Speaker a free run there should be plenty of scope for a challenger.

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