Monday, February 18, 2008

Is the BBC value for money?

Here are two classic clips courtesy of YouTube on this much discussed issue:

And here's a response from Spitting Image:

Now these were made twenty years ago - is the BBC still good quality today? And is the licence fee worth it?


Paul Burgin said...

I forgot about the original ad until you posted it. Thanks for dredging up a twenty year memory ;), I notice now that David Jason has now worked with every single Python at one time or another!
As for the Spitting Image sketch, I think Chris Barrie, who did the voiceover at the end, hasn't done badly out of the BBC!

David Morris said...

I'm glad you posted about this issue Tim. It's definitely an important one as millions of people pay a substantial amount of money for it each year.

I do think that the BBC still produces some good quality programming, but their channels are flooded with repeats and they don't spend all of the fee on what it was meant for. Some of the journalistic standards have definitely gone downhill.

Here's what I've posted about the BBC in the past:

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