Sunday, December 23, 2007

So Cable wasn't even original!

I take back what I said about Vincent Cable doing something good for once. (Shock of the week) He wasn't very original, as this BBC News round up of the press from August shows:

BBC News: Newspapers dub PM 'Gordon Bean'

Gordon Brown is returning from holiday because of the foot-and-mouth outbreak, news of which came too late for early editions.
Instead, the papers focus on the prime minister's trip to Weymouth which prompts several to liken him to Rowan Atkinson's comedy character, Mr Bean.

The Daily Mail compares the PM's dark trousers and beige jacket to Mr Bean's outfit on his seaside visit.

The Daily Telegraph publishes a picture of Mr Brown striking a pose which it says is "not dissimilar to Mr Bean".
So minus points for Vincent Cable - he couldn't find his own joke. Here's a hint Mr Cable - the biggest joke is your party.

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