Monday, January 08, 2007

Leave the children alone

Truly it's a sign of how slow the news is at the moment that such a large fuss is being made about where Ruthy Kelly has sent one of her children to school. (BBC News: Kelly 'doing right thing' for son) Yes she's been Education Secretary but at the end of the day she is a parent having to make a difficult decision about what to do for her children. It is disgusting that some seem to think that anyone in politics should run their private matters to fit an ideology that they are not espousing.

This storm shows politics in a bad light. When people ask why parties have problems recruiting candidates from certain walks of life perhaps they should ask whether any parent of young children would want to have their decisions under such scrutiny as Ruth Kelly's are today.

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Contemplative Activist said...

I think what angers people, is that so much funding for special education has been cut since Labour came into power. It stuns me, some of the kids who are still in mainstream schools, when, lets be frank, its not only unfortunate for their education & development, but f***ing dangerous for them, their teachers and their classmates because of their behavioural problems.

Then, they get excluded because they don't have access to a more appropriate environment. That's the extreme cases, but there are so many kids now with special educational needs in schools where its just not working, and they would do far better in specialised schools with a small student:staff ratio and the systems to support them better.

Unfortunately, most parents don't have the financial means to pay for special schooling like Ruth Kelly can.

If Ruth Kelly & the Labour government were to admit that they have made a monumental cock up of the education system (not to mention the NHS, and actually everything else), I think people wouldn't feel so angry that she's gone off to pay. It is hypocritical.

BUT, I object to the media coverage, not for Ruth Kelly, but for her child who doesn't deserve to be scrutinised like this.



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