Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Double standards about parades

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days as a few things have occupied my time.

Proof that there is more hatred in Northern Ireland than mere sectarianism came today with the news that the Belfast Pride march scheduled for August has been objected to by a group of Evangelical Christians and referred to the Parades Commission.

Northern Ireland is not known for being the most open minded society on the planet, but many of those objecting are the same as those who insist on the right of the Orange Order to parade wherever they want. These double standards are unbelievable! Why should an Orange march be allowed to go wherever it likes and offend as many residents as it likes, whilst one of the few parades in Northern Ireland that is neither orange nor green and which instead promotes understanding and tolerance be objected to? Many of those who support the Orange parades argue about the "right to walk the Queen's highway" regardless of objections - why do they now reverse their stance?

Hopefully the Parades Commission will dismiss this objection with laughter.

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