Sunday, June 19, 2005

Doctor Who ends... for now.

Okay so I was completely wrong about that one.

Otherwise this was an interesting end to the series but I guess I'll have to reqatch it before sharing my thoughts. But in general this series has been beyond any fan's wildest dreams (relatively speaking - we do all have lives!). The series has been heavily promoted by the BBC, has received strong coverage in the media, has spawned good tie-ins and the result is one of the best ratings hits of the year. The BBC has regained a major advantage on Saturday nights and has slaughtered the ITV competition. Even Michael Grade - the public face of the 1985 postponement/cancellation decision that many feel crippled the series for the rest of its life - has had to eat his words. There's at least another two series and Christmas specials coming along so perhaps this is the dawn of another long era of the series, rather than the one-off tribute many fans feared.

Here's to the future!

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