Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ben Duncan on Big Brother

Normally I steer well clear of Big Brother but this year I've had a few enquiries already about one of the contestants and whether or not they are a contemporary from my undergraduate days.

A few years ago I wrote a post about The Tory Monday Club that was set up at the University of Kent a decade ago. Yes the chair and founder of that group was Ben Duncan.

Student politics can get ridiculously over the top and bitter at times and there are things a lot of people said, shouted and did that they later come to regret. This was true at the time of many of us, including myself (I gave my apologies to those involved for the worst of it).

I knew Ben in the 1999 to 2002 period but I can't honestly remember a single conversation about Big Brother with him, although his general attitude suggests to me that if he was even aware of the show back then he would have absolutely disapproved of it existing.

Maybe I'll find myself watching some of Big Brother after all...


the man in the oporto said...

Looks like a God-awful rah from the press pics. I suppose he's been deliberately hand-picked to be the unacceptable face of Toryism on C4 (in the name of balance - much as getting John Redwood on QT is the BBC's idea of balance).

Good Lord, if we're looking for savings, getting them off the public teat just to kick us in the teeth back has to be a thought.

tom said...

As fellow UKC-er at the same time as you I too was quite startled to hear this morning about Ben's role in the UK's premier reality TV show in its final series.

Lets hope Adrian and Piers make guest appearances!

Anonymous said...

Having watched some of the live feed from the Big Brother house, it appears that Ben Duncan's views haven't changed much over the past few years - curiosity led me to google him, and I came across this post, and the related one about the Tory Monday Club. I think public interest would excuse another post about this individual, with a little more detail about the views he espoused, and his behaviour at that time.


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