Monday, April 13, 2009

The Archbishop's Easter sermon

Canterbury CathedralYesterday I went to Canterbury Cathedral for the Easter Day Sung Eucharist. Unlike last year (see A Cathedral is no place for a disruption) there was no disruption of the service this year. Instead Archbishop Williams delivered one of the most thoughtful sermons I've yet heard. Here is the first paragraph:
Do you know that God exists? the interviewers ask; or, How do you know Christian faith is true? There are two tempting ways of responding, both wrong. There is the apologetic shuffle of saying, 'Of course, I don't really know; this is just the truth as it appears to me and I may be wrong'. And there is the confident offer to prove it all to the hearer's satisfaction; here are the philosophical arguments, here is the historical evidence, now what's the problem?
The full sermon can be found at The Archbishop of Canterbury: The Archbishop's Easter Sermon.

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Adrian P said...

You Believe in god, I Believe the Bank of England is a PRIVATE Company.

Who Do Gordon and Cameron Work forHyperInflation here we come


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