Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bye bye Romney

I've not had much time to blog about the US Presidential election, especially given how fast it's gone. But right now I'm watching as Mitt Romney announces his withdrawal from the race. I never warmed to Romney - he always comes across as a bit of a robot on stage. As you can probably guess, of the remaining candidates I want Guliani, although Ron Paul's campaigning techniques and youth support are not something to be ignored. Now that the contest is formally down to John McCain, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee it can only be McCain - that will come as little surprise to my readers.

Meanwhile the Democrat race goes on and on, with the absurdly complex rules of their side of Super Duper Tuesday leaving everyone still trying to work out who "won". Had November's election been Romney vs Barack Obama, I'd want Obama to win, but now that McCain will be the Republican nominee I want him instead. And anyone would be better than another four years of the Clintons.

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