Thursday, July 26, 2007

Whatever happened to holding one's nerve?

Am I the only one sick to death of the media and certain elements in the Party deciding that David Cameron's leadership is stalling? Is there such a thing as an addiction to Conservative Party Leadership Elections?

The problem in the Conservative Party in recent years is not that it has had bad leadership. The problem is that it has not wanted to be led.

Too many are used to whining, dreaming of a mythical age that never happened (can anyone tell me when Margaret Thatcher went and built a grammar school?) and looking for things to row about.

If Cameron has made one serious mistake it is to allow the media to build up an image of him as a man of gimmicks who chases popularity. Did nobody notice that opinion polls were never in favour of Cameron's espoused position? Who ever chased unpopularity for the sake of it?

Hopefully the media will soon find a new story to obsess about. Aren't we due another Big Brother row soon?

1 comment:

lovely lucinda & her meringues said...

That's what your opponents want you to do: hold your nerve. The longer you hold your nerve, the longer you will continue with this busted-flush leader - and all his Eton chums.


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