Saturday, July 14, 2007

What is "good" weather?

After heavy rain, London is currently experiencing what feels like one of the hottest Julys in my lifetime. Even at night it seems impossible to escape the heat, whilst in the daytime the sun beats down relentlessly.

And quite frankly I'm sick and tired of the way everyone is automatically assuming that this is somehow "good weather". TV weather forecasters are the worst - and the BBC should remember they are supposed to be unbiased.

For me sunshine doesn't bring a tan or joy. Instead it burns my skin - my hands are starting to look like a speckled lobster and if gets much worse they'll be physically painful on touch. The heat is also unbearable at times as anyone who's been on the tube this month can attest.

Why is this so universally considered "good" weather?

1 comment:

Manfarang said...

I trust you have no plans to visit Kuwait this summer?


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