Monday, October 09, 2006

Why Trident should be replaced

Recently there's been a lot of debate about whether or not the UK should replaced Trident or just abandon nuclear when the system becomes obsolete. This week's news should, I hope, make the case for multi-lateralism absolutely clear.

No-one wants a nuclear war, but the idea of unilaterally disarming and leaving nuclear weapons in the control of states such as North Korea is a worrying thought. Many have made the case that the problems the world faces today stem from terrorism, against whom nuclear weapons are not much use. But our ancestors in the nineteenth century probably thought Europe was stable and that armies and weapons for grandscale wars were a thing of the past. The geopolitical situation is in constant flux. Today is a reminder of the power rogue states can yield.

I hope that this doubles the resolve to replace Trident.


Anonymous said...

What do you think Trident should be replaced with Tim?.
If it is to be replaced, I'd like to see a home grown British system in place.
More freedom from American influence for starters.
One suggestion, build on the British hypersonic heritage with the P.42 programme of the '50's and '60's (never built, or perhaps the Hotol/Skylon spaceplane technology, unmanned but recallable.
Just a few ideas.

an Australian wellwisher

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

I have to admit I haven't taken a look at "Nuclear R Us" to see the best replacement. I'd have to leave that up to the defence chiefs. But certainly a system that's not externally reliant would be the best.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with 'leaving it to the defence chiefs'approach.
Its your country and as your ostensible prime deterrent, the people should have a say in what they want that best serves Britain.

Here in Australia we're axing our F-111 recce/bomber fleet prematurely out of political expediency for an inferior U.S F-35 fighter force.
Meanwhile, people with good ideas to upgrade the F-111 force are ignored, both experts and voters.

I wish we had the TSR-2 upgraded today it would be the best in the world.
best wishes to you and britain.

Richard said...

If we don't take the active position of disarment, then we maintain the status quo, endangering ourselves and the world.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree conflict isn't the answer and lessons from today confirm that.
Nonetheless I think we need some adequate level of defence as there are
all sorts of unsavory types such as illegal fishermen and wildlife smugglers etc and we need kit to detect and stop them.
I'm mainly speaking from a technical point of view in an abstract sense as I'm doing some research on 'lost' British aircraft programmes.
A litany of woe- technically.
A applaud your sensible outlook my friend.
From Australia


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