Friday, September 01, 2006

So was the IDS era so bad?

There's an interesting post on The Mincing Metrosexual that challenges the perception that Iain Duncan Smith's leadership was the worst period of the modern Conservative Party. Pointing to successes (e.g. rising poll ratings, becoming the largest party in local government, overthrowing Labour's control of Birmingham, gains in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections) it also points out that there are a lot of similarities with David Cameron's tenure. Maybe IDS wouldn't have led the party to victory but he deserves far more respect than he currently gets.

Now can someone debunk the myth that the Hague era was a period of glory for the party that took it places?


Paul Burgin said...

With great pleasure! ;)
2001 general election. Labour seat maj 163, gains in seats for Tories compared to previous general election: 1
(Sigh), such pleasant moments of shardenfrude! ;)

The Mincing Metrosexual said...

Thanks for linking to my article. Also thanks for emailing me the info about the NPC forum.


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