Friday, August 25, 2006

"Will you join my sinking ship?"

When am I comingb back?Will you come sink with me?In the latest desperate attempt to stabilise what he calls his leadership, Sir Menzies Campbell has publicly invited Charles Kennedy to come back to the Liberal Democrat frontbench. He could not be more transparent if he tried. With Campbell's leadership faltering and so many looking for a Kennedy restoration this is a blatant attempt to take destroy Kennedy by taking him down with him. Now let's see if Kennedy will fall for this and board sinking ship.


Manfarang said...

The Muppets were a popular and great TV show.Something pleasant during the 1970s.
Something not so pleasant from those days-apartheid.And at that time,which British party leader was engaging in constructive dialogue?
Stop wasting your time Tim.
The Tories always get it wrong.History is the judge of that.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

If the Conservatives (not the "Tories") always get it wrong, why have so much of the Conservative agenda been adopted as mainstream political consensus? No serious politician is proposing to go back to the pre Thatcher days and the very basis of the Not So Very New Labour agenda is accepting Thatcherism and working within the system.

As for apartheid, an interesting case of going wildly off topic, I don't deny mistakes were made. But all governments have relations that those outside government regard as unpalatable, because that is the nature of international diplomacy. Invasions and regime changes are not initiated lightly and the harsh fact remains that until then those regimes exist. It's very easy to make sweeping statements and pretend that by severing all relations one can magically change another country, but reality is different. Yes more pressure could have been brought, but dialogue was still needed.

Manfarang said...

You can't turn the clock back even by ten minutes.What makes you think that the current mainstream consensus will deliver anything other than the decline which Britain has experienced over the last half century.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

The way Blair is going is hardly mere "avoiding turning the clock back" - he has embraced and carried forward the Thatcher agenda into areas even she did not go into. And why would the 1970s consensus have proved any better when it made the UK the sick man of Europe?

Manfarang said...

"working within the system"
Ah the system! Boom /slump capitalism.Good old fashioned classical economic models from the past.What goes up must come down.
The laws of economic gravity.As my grandfather used to say-"there is going to be a slump!"


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