Monday, February 27, 2006

A beacon of the wonders of devolution?

This weekend Plaid Cymru decided to relaunch itself and go forward into the next Welsh Assembly elections. And how are they doing this? By bringing Ieuan Wyn Jones back to the half of his job he gave up three years ago and having Dafydd Wigley standing again for the Assembly. At least all the stories about Dafydd Elis-Thomas returning to the leadership seem to have died down. But where are the new names? Wigley was leader twice (1981-1984 & 1991-2000), Elis-Thomas was leader once (1984-1991) and Wyn Jones has been clear leader twice (2000-2003 and since 2006) as well as part of the leadership (2003-2006) whilst Dafydd Iwan remains party president (as he has been since 2003) but not quite leader anymore. Where are the new names?

Is this really such a beacon of the wonders of devolution? At least it's been a while since the Assembly seating row.

Would it really be such a good idea to repeat this experiment in the English regions?

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