Friday, November 25, 2005

Time to change the party's name?

Just noticed this post on optimates's blog about a potential name change for the "Tory Party". Quite rightly he suggests:

Our new name should be the "Conservative Party".
The two terms do not mean the same, despite the media's constant misuse of it, and it is telling that many Labour Party activists go on about some party that ceased to be in the nineteenth century. Get with the present people!

It's time to end the confusion. Let's finally put the "Tory" elements aside and go forwards.


Gavin Ayling said...

This would mean a welcome denouncement of Unionism too. The party could then formally support The Campaign for an English Parliament.

Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Oops, I forget about the "and Unionist" part of the title. Mind you so has so much else...

As my earlier posts have indicated I'm a strong supporter of the Union(s) making up the UK (I phrase it that way as "Unionist" has somewhat different connotations - I certainly do not support Paisleyism). I'm somewhat ambiguous on an English Parliament but don't think it means a repudiation of support for the Union(s) - quite the reverse in fact. If all four parts of the United Kingdom had their own parliaments with equal powers, drawn up on historic and natural ties, then it would be a stronger relationship of equals. The abolition of the Scottish Parliament looks very unlikely for a long time and so integration looks a dead cause.


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